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Vassal Modules

[NB: Didn’t think I’d have to put this, but all modules here were created by Me/’Suki’, using assets both self-created and used under fair use from juniorgeneral. You have permission to use and modify them however you wish as long as you credit me for my stuff that remains in there.]



Without this beautiful, albeit aged engine, none of this would be possible. Though it sometimes behaves like the moody teenager it is (since its release in 2003!) it has let me play wargames with people all over the world without paying a penny, or having to paint a single miniature.

Download: Here
Or Download at the official website, Here

Wargaming VASSAL Discord

This is my discord, usable for finding various module games, asking questions, demanding features, and chatting/giving feedback.

World War VASSAL
Current Mod Version: 3.9


A module for playing WW2-era and some Cold War games over VASSAL.
Suitable for; Flames of War, Team Yankee, Battlegroup, Bolt Action, Chain of Command, What a Tanker, and more.

Download: Here

VASSAL: Micro Scale Warfare
Current Mod Version: 1.6.2

Splash 3

A module for playing WW2, Cold War, and Modern Wargames over VASSAL.
Suitable for; A Fistful of TOWs, Team Yankee, MBT, Battlegroup, Flames of War, and more

Download: Here

No End in Sight
Current Mod Version: 1.0

Capture2 (2).PNG

A module for playing realistic, stress-based firefights over VASSAL.
Suitable for; No End in Sight and other WW2 and onward games with individual soldiers.

Download: Here

The Second Saga
Current Mod Version: 1.4 (Updated to Age of Vikings)


A module for playing Dark Ages and Medieval Skirmishes over VASSAL.
Suitable for; SAGA and other Dark Age and onward games with individual soldiers.

Download: Here

The Nearest Run Thing
Current Mod Version: 1.0 

Splash Test.png

A module for playing Napoleonic games over VASSAL.
Suitable for; Sharp Practice, Black Powder, and other Napoleonic rulesets.

Download: Here

I.V. – Impetus for VASSAL
Current Mod Version: 0.5.154


A module for playing Impetus (and other historical rulesets) over VASSAL.
Suitable for; Impetus, and possibly other rulesets.

Download: Here

Small Ancients / Mikroús Archaíous
Current Mod Version: 1.1


A module for playing ancients in Micro scales
Suitable for; Impetus, and possibly other rulesets.

Download: Here